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Reach Teams

Reach Teams are volunteers that have completed Reach Team Training who want to partner with local churches to help them reach their neighborhoods with the love and Gospel of Jesus. Reach Teams are made up of 3 trained volunteers (mixed gender) that go door-to-door or into crowded areas to pray with people and to share the Gospel. It is highly encouraged that Reach Teams have at least one person from a partnering church or ministry in it. Our hope and desire are for followers of Jesus to be trained and involved in reaching their communities with the Gospel. Reach Team…

Poverty Alleviation Resources – Metro Richmond (VA)

Listed below is a list of Poverty Alleviation Resources that provide help for people in need, and people who want to help people in need. Click on the picture or name to access the below-listed website resources.  Disclaimer: The organizations and services listed here are not an endorsement of the organizations or their services. The listings are simply a list of organizations and services available in the metro Richmond area pertaining to poverty alleviation in our community. If you use any of these organizations and services you do so at your own risk and bear the results and consequences alone.…

Help Myanmar

Dear Friends, I was contacted by a pastor friend who runs an orphanage in the country of Myanmar on 7/7 with an urgent request – he communicated that food shortage was becoming a problem because of the civil war and covid – 19 resurgences in his country and asked if I could help. I told him I would personally contribute and spread the word regarding his situation. As I read Richard’s email. it reminded me of the Apostle Paul’s request to the saints in his day to join him in financially supporting their brothers and sisters in Judea who faced…

How Reach Richmond Works

Reach Richmond is the outreach component which is the third component of a Reach Initiative, and a ministry of YWAM – Richmond. Reach Richmond is a door-to-door outreach and street outreach made up of Reach Teams whose mission and goal are to pray with people, share the Gospel as the Lord provides opportunities, and encourage people with the love of God. More details coming soon.   Share Email Tweet

Reach “Jesus Journey”

Welcome to the Reach “Jesus Journey” Page! Reach “Jesus Journey” Resources: We believe that the Gospel is not for sale and is a free gift of God, therefore we are providing our Reach Training Resources to you free. Please download our free Reach Training Resources and share them with everyone you know so that together we can fulfill God’s “Great Commission” (Matt. 28:18-20) for His glory and our good. Our recommendation is that you save these resources in a folder titled “Jesus Journey” (Click on the titles below to access and download the Training Resource) Reach Q & A –…

Contact Us

Thank you for visiting the Reach website!  Please email us at with your questions, and or comments so we can take the next step in helping you reach your community with the Gospel.   Share Email Tweet
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