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We believe that the Gospel is not for sale and is a free gift of God, therefore we are providing our resources to you free.

Please download our free Reach Resources and share them with everyone you know so that together we can fulfill God’s “Great Commission” (Matt. 28:18-20) for His glory and our good.

Reach 3-2-1 Part 1

Reach 3-2-1 (Part 1)  will show you how to get into a gospel conversation, using 3 questions. Part 1 will teach you how to deal with works answers using 2 Scriptures and 1 Gospel.

Reach 3-2-1 Part 2

Reach 3-2-1 (Part 2) will teach you how to deal with questions about the existence of God and provide evidence that proves the Bible is the Word of God.

Foundation 4 Life

Foundation 4 Life provides a foundational overview of the 14 Time Periods of the Bible and how the 66 books of the Bible fit into the 14 Time Periods.

Learning how the 66 books of the Bible fit into the 14 Times Periods will lay a foundation allowing you to understand God’s Word like never before. It will allow you to fit and connect all the pieces of the Bible into one understandable blueprint.

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