Creighton Initiative

Creighton Initiative

Welcome to the Creighton Initiative!

The Creighton Initiative (CI) is a transformational educational outreach of Reach Evangelistic Association that provides biblical solutions to problems and challenges facing residents in the Creighton Court Community in Richmond, VA. See “Why Creighton?

The goal of CI is to help individuals and families flourish by taking their next step(s) out of poverty – see “Poverty Alleviation”.

We believe God’s Word provides the answers to life and that life’s challenges and problems can be fixed by following God His way – See “Living God’s Way“. This belief came out of the following question: “If we followed God His way, would we be in the situation we find ourselves in?” We believe the answer is self-evident, and that the answer is “no”.

Therefore, if we are going to flourish, we need to follow God His way. That’s where CI comes in. The CI Plan provides biblical solutions to life’s challenges and problems. If you would like to talk with a CI team about taking your next step(s) out of life’s challenges, please email us at

Why Creighton?

CI is a Reach Action Initiative. The Creighton Initiative (CI) came about because Reach Evangelistic Associations Founder and Director, Tim Leahy, was led by God to partner with RVA Hope Center whose ministry home is located in Creighton Court.

Tim moved to Richmond in the spring of 2020. In 2021 he began to volunteer with the RVA Hope Center because of its affiliation with Mechanicsville Christian Center where Tim and the Directors of the Hope Center (Aaron & Vangie Hendrickson) attend. It’s because of these relationships that Reach is working in the Creighton Community.

Our belief is that God transforms lives and what God does in Creighton, can and will be done elsewhere. We believe what is done in Creighton will be done in other communities throughout Richmond and beyond.

Poverty Alleviation

I (Tim Leahy) believe the biggest social justice issue facing the human race is poverty.

The issue of poverty is a multifaceted concept, a multifaceted problem, that needs a multifaceted approach to coming up with solutions that help people take their next steps out of poverty.

Poverty has many components – poverty can be economic, educational, spiritual, emotional, mental, social, relational, or all of the above and more. When dealing with poverty, there needs to be an honest assessment.

If we are not honest about our poverty/issues we can not expect to successfully navigate our way out of our poverty. Once there’s an honest assessment, we can then begin working on honest solutions. Once solutions are identified, there will be a need for support. Life is hard, and harder for those going it alone.

The greatest opportunity for success is done with support. So, what does support look like? In CI, support comes in the form of advocates and mentors. Our hope is that every person who desires to take steps out of poverty would have someone willing to walk beside them as they implement the CI action plan.

Advocates and Mentors are not there to do the steps for the individual but to support and encourage the person as they take the steps out of poverty.

We believe with support anyone can be all that God created them to be. If you want to take your next step out of poverty please email us at


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