Reach Initiative

Reach Initiative

Welcome to the Reach Initiative Page!

A Reach Initiative is a comprehensive plan for reaching your community with the love and Gospel of Jesus.

A Reach Initiative is a Pastor’s led initiative where the Pastor and leadership team make reaching their communities with the love and Gospel of Jesus the priority of the Church.

The Reach Initiative is the most important step in the Reach Action Plan because the Gospel is the only way God transforms lives; and transformed lives transform communities.

The Reach Initiative is outlined in Reach 3-2-1 Part 4 and is predicated on followers of Jesus being equipped to reach their circle of influence with the Gospel which is covered in Reach 3-2-1 Part 1 & 2.

The second step in the Reach Initiative is discipleship which is dealt with in Reach 3-2-1 Part 3, along with the other Reach Jesus Journey Discipleship Resources.

Another vital aspect of the Reach Initiative is outreach which is also covered in Reach 3-2-1 Part 4.

Based on the Word of God and history, we are convinced that when God’s people are about His business of loving Him and people His way, we will see lives impacted and communities transformed.

When the Reach Initiative and the Reach Action Plan are implemented simultaneously, we will see communities transformed for the glory of God and our good.

If you would like to talk with someone at Reach about the Reach Initiative or the Reach Action Plan please email us at or complete the contact form provided below.

May God richly bless you as you reach your circle of influence with the love and Gospel of God!