Poverty Alleviation Resources – Metro Richmond (VA)

Poverty Alleviation Resources – Metro Richmond (VA)

Listed below is a list of Poverty Alleviation Resources that provide help for people in need, and people who want to help people in need. Click on the picture or name to access the below-listed website resources. 

Disclaimer: The organizations and services listed here are not an endorsement of the organizations or their services. The listings are simply a list of organizations and services available in the metro Richmond area pertaining to poverty alleviation in our community. If you use any of these organizations and services you do so at your own risk and bear the results and consequences alone. If you have questions or concerns regarding the organizations or services, please contact them directly. We do not receive anything from the listed organizations and we are not affiliated with them in any way. Please do your own research pertaining to the services and resources provided by these organizations. Be a Berean (Acts 17:11).

Housing the Homeless:


The Homeless Connection Line is the first step or gateway into the metro Richmond homeless alleviation plan. Click on the picture or orange link for details.





Low-Income Housing Resources:


Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority 


Henrico Co. Housing Assitance 


 Chesterfield Co. Housing Assistance


Comprehensive Housing Solutions


Employment Training Services:


Softskill Job Training

Biblically Based Jobs Training 



Job Training Service




Rehabilitation Service:







Multiple Poverty Alleviation Services:










Youth Poverty Alleviation Organizations:


Fostering Acadia

Fostering Acadia is an amazing post-foster care independent living program that helps youth people who have aged out of foster care take the next steps in flourishing as young adults.



Basic Needs Resources (Food & Clothing):



Shepherd’s Way Relief Center


The Light House




Additional Basic Needs Resources:

Greater Richmond Regional Street Sheets

United Way  Community Services Guide


Disability Resources:

Health Services:

If you need to get off the streets to talk or use a phone to get help stop in at RVA Light.


If you know of Poverty Alleviation Resources in the Greater Richmond Area please email us the information at reach.lmiq@gmail.com


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