Reach “Jesus Journey”

Reach “Jesus Journey”

Welcome to the Reach “Jesus Journey” Page!

Reach “Jesus Journey” Resources:

We believe that the Gospel is not for sale and is a free gift of God, therefore we are providing our Reach Training Resources to you free.

Please download our free Reach Training Resources and share them with everyone you know so that together we can fulfill God’s “Great Commission” (Matt. 28:18-20) for His glory and our good.

Our recommendation is that you save these resources in a folder titled “Jesus Journey”

(Click on the titles below to access and download the Training Resource)

  1. Reach Q & A – Discovering what they know 
  2. His-Story is Our-Story – The History of God and You
  3. Foundation For Life – Understanding the Word of God
  4. Harmony of the Gospels – The Life of Jesus
  5. Harmony of the Gospels – The Life of Jesus Outline – Coming soon 
  6. Reach 3-2-1 Part 1 – Getting into a Gospel Conversation*
  7. Reach 3-2-1 Part 2 – Giving a Reason for Your Faith*
  8. Following Jesus – The Book of Acts  
  9. Following Jesus – The Book of Acts Outline – Coming soon
  10. Reach 3-2-1 Part 3 – Discipling New Followers of Jesus
  11. Building on the Foundation (75 Bible overview lessons broken into 14 Times Periods of the Bible) – Coming soon
  12. Reach 3-2-1 Part 4 – The Reach Initiative 

* = Go to the E-Training tab for the video training for these resources.

Upcoming “Jesus Journey” Writing Projects:

“Genesis – The Book of Beginnings” Due out 2021

“Genesis – The Book of Beginnings” is written in the same way as Harmoney of the Gospels – The Life of Jesus and Following Jesus – The Book of Acts with my unique system and personal study notes of the Gospels and the book of Acts.

The goal of this resource is to help followers of Jesus understand the first two of the 14 Time Periods of the Bible (Pre-Patriarchal and Patriarchal Eras). See His-Story is Our-Story… and Foundation For Life… for additional information on the 14 Time Periods of the Bible.

“Perception vs. Reality – The Church” – Due out 2021

Perception vs. Reality – The Church” is the follow up to the Reach Action writing project “Perception vs. Reality – Living in Truth”. I  continue documenting my story and the things I’ve seen and experienced during my 27-year “Jesus Journey” as it applies to the Church. I also provide biblical insights and solutions to the challenges facing the American Church.

The goal of this resource is to help new followers of Jesus, and those looking at Christianity, to navigate the numerous disagreements and differences that many sincere, well-intentioned followers of Jesus have within Christianity.

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